Acronyms and Abbreviations commonly used on this site:
2ATHS           No. 2 Air Transportable Health Service (HSF)

2FTS               No. 2 Flying Training School

AAT               Administrative Appeals Tribunal  (Sydney)

ADF                Australian Defence Force

AEFI               Adverse Event Following Immunisation

ADR               Adverse Drug Reaction

AFHQ             Air Force Headquarters

BFTS              Basic Flying Training School

CAF                Chief of Air Force

CO-                 Commanding Officer [of…]

DG-                Director General of…

DHS                Defence Health Service

DPO-AF         Directorate of Personnel – Air Force

DVA               Department of Veterans’ Affairs

HSF                Health Services Flight (i.e. a RAAF Hospital)

ROG               Redress of Grievance

RAAF             Royal Australian Air Force

TGA               Therapeutic Goods Administration

MEC, MECR, MECRB, CAMECR, or CAMECRB …. Central Aircrew Medical Employment Classification Review Board.


RAAF Ranks and abbreviations used herein:

Air Marshall

Air Vice Marshall

Air Commodore (AIRCDRE)

Group Captain (GPCAPT)

Wing Commander (WGCDR)

Squadron Leader(SQNLDR) Senior Officer

Flight Lieutenant (FLTLT) Junior Officer

Flying Officer (FLGOFF)

Pilot Officer (PLTOFF)

Officer Cadet (OFFCDT) Junior Officer

Warrant Officer (WOFF)

Flight Sergeant (FSGT)…